In case you didn’t know, the plank is one of the best exercises you could ever do. Not only does it work your core and back, but it also works your shoulders, triceps, hips, and calves. It’s definitely a full-body move, and one of my favorites of all time! Check out this plank reverse exercise to add a little variation to your routine.

Do you want to increase your core strength? A plank is a form of exercise that works the entire core, strengthening your abdominal and back muscles. It can be done in many different ways, including on a mat, on the floor or using a medicine ball or by using a fitness ball. If you can’t hold a plank for 60 seconds, try this reverse plank exercise instead!

A plank is a great exercise for your core but it’s also good for strengthening your back and glutes. Here’s a video explaining how to do a plank with a reverse exercise.

How To do Plank Workout?


Planks are one of the most widely used exercises in all of fitness. They’re simple, they’re easy, they’re effective, and everyone can do them… or can they? Many of us have tried our hand at a plank and have quickly realized that they are not as easy as they appear.

Are you fed up of doing the same old plank exercise?  If you are, then you will love this new plank reverse exercise.  It’s a great variation to add into your workout routine to spice things up and challenge your body at a different angle.  Once you try this exercise you will wonder why you never tried it before, as it is so much more challenging than the regular plank.

How to do the reverse plank workout and benefits?

You probably know that I’m a big fan of bodyweight training, and today I’m going to share a great exercise for building core strength, which is particularly important for martial artists.

One of the most valuable exercises you can perform is the plank reverse.  It’s vital for your core, which is the most important muscle group in your body.  You need a strong core if you expect to reach your goals, whether they are related to fitness or some other aspect of life.

Hey big guy! Are you looking for a workout that’ll give you tight abs, strong shoulders, and sculpted arms? Well, look no further, because the plank reverse exercise will have you feeling like The Rock in no time (if not better)!

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Want to know the best exercise you can do at home? This plank reverse exercise is one of the most efficient and simple exercises in the world. I can’t believe how many people don’t know this exercise! It’s easy, it’s effective, and you can do it anywhere. All you need is a bit of space and a chair or table. How to do plank exercise? It should also be noted that the plank in reverse exercise has many benefits.

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