As we’ve already stated, the main function of the gluteal muscles is to extend the hip joint, while the hamstring’s primary action is to flex it.

Lateral flexion is a movement that the body uses to maintain the balance between the left and right sides of the body. It is especially important when performing exercises that require strength, coordination, and balance.

Lateral flexion Video

Lateral Flexion Muscle

Lateral flexion is an important physical therapy technique used to treat several skeletal system injuries. To do a later flexion, a patient bends his hips and knees toward the opposite side of the injury. This can help improve range of motion for many common orthopedic injuries, such as ACL tears, rotator cuff tears, and hip injuries.

it is an exercise that stretches the muscles of the side of the trunk. Stretching the muscles on the side of the trunk helps to improve posture and decrease lower back pain. It exercises help maintain balance and promote better coordination.

Lateral Flexion Exercise

It is an important exercise to correct patella (knee cap) tracking dysfunction. Lateral Flexion Stretch can improve the flexibility of your iliotibial band and make you able to perform lateral movements.

Lateral flexion is a movement in which the spine moves in an arch-like shape. It generally involves the arms and legs on one side of the body being lifted up and lowered down on the same side.

Lateral Flexion of the Truck

Athletes of all levels suffer from lateral hamstring tightness, which can cause a number of issues ranging from minor discomfort to complete dysfunction. If you’re feeling tightness in your hips or lower back, loosen up with a few simple stretches. This is a common issue with runners, skiers, basketball players and football players due to the high-impact nature of their sports and the repetitive pounding on the legs.

Lateral flexion stretch is a simple exercise to increase flexibility of the spine. It helps to correct the asymmetry in the spine which is common in people. Good spinal flexibility reduces back pain and also helps in performing other exercises like sit-ups, crunches, etc. Lateral flexion stretch is best done after warming up with some other exercises.

Lateral Flexion Plane Of Motion

Lateral flexion refers to the motion of moving the head to one side. The lateral flexors are a group of muscles located on the anterior (front) aspect of the neck and upper back. Their primary action is the rotation of the spine and neck, bringing the chin to the midline and extending the cervical spine.

It is a movement or exercise that involves bringing your arm and leg to the same side, while your body stays in one place. relates to the action of bending to the side. It is used in physical therapy and many other exercises.

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What is Lateral flexion is an important physical therapy
What is Lateral flexion is an important physical therapy

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